Water chemistry

When you purchase a new spa or hot tub or move to a home that has an existing unit in place, we can show you how to maintain the water chemistry in you spa properly. We’ll show you the different options you have to keep your spa in good working order. We will also teach you the terminology involved with water chemistry.

Understanding Water Chemistry

You feel that moment of glory when you get into your spa and the water is shiny, glistening, and crystal clear. However, after some use, you can also experience moments when the water in your spa can be the complete opposite. If the water in your spa is not as clean and healthy looking as you would like, schedule an appointment with us to review your spa’s water chemistry.

What We Do to Correct Your Water Chemistry

The first step is simply to check the water. It is very likely that your spa’s pump and filter may not be the cause of the problem. It’s just that your water needs testing.

We look at things such as:

  • Parts per million, or PPM
  • Sanitizers
  • pH level
  • Oxidizers
  • Total dissolvable solids, or TDS

There is plenty of room for bacteria to grow throughout your spa, based on the water temperature at which spas are set. That means it is critical to test the spa water frequently to keep it balanced and well maintained.